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The ContactUS Diffrerence



The ContactUS Diffrerence

  • Cost-effective solutions for your network and your budget.

    With the factory direct shopping process, you will save at least 50% of your budget compared to other 3rd party vendors.
  • Obtain test reports of equipment from different OEMs

    Compatibility and stability are the top priority methods to verify the quality of the transceiver. Fill in your device info. We will provide test reports of the same model or the same manufacturer in 24h.
  • Not only a 3rd party manufacturer.

    QSFPTEK is a rapidly growing and transforming factory-type enterprise. Our mission is to serve various customers on network solutions with world-class optical products. QSFPTEK has been manufacturing optical modules over 10 years. A large number of customers have a real understanding of the word “good quality and low price” after purchasing from QSFPTEK. (including Solidoptics, AT&T, smartoptics, ProLabs and etc.


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