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Quality Assurance



QSFPTEK Quality Assurance Program


QSFPTEK is not only responsible for production but also testing. Combined quality hardware and software in one is our pursuit. We keep developing and insist unswervingly to achieve the ultimate in every quality control (QC) process, just for delivering users with affordable and guaranteed optical transceivers and other fiber optic products. We hate low-priced products at the expense of quality, so no worries.



Harsh Production Process


Fiber optic Transceiver production line

Factory Environment QC 

A qualified environment helps to create high-quality products. At QT, the manufacturing environment is strictly compliant with industry standards, which enhances the stability of the standardized production line. We make sure our factory is dust-free from the following aspects: professional worker suit, clean floors and walls, neat placement, security check, etc. 



Incoming QC 

QT's attitude of no compromise to quality drives us to double-check materials for production. First, we emphasize our expectations of safety when evaluating which suppliers to cooperate with. Second, we conduct a routine inspection process of the raw and component materials upon arrival, in which our QC department carefully measures the qualification of materials and components for manufacturing products to reduce the rejection rate. Typical testing is TOSA, ROSA and BOSA, etc. 


In-Process QC 

At the QT factory, every worker must take part in professional production training, and only after passing the assessment can they qualify for the production line. Also, our production expert supervises the whole process in the production to check the yield rate. 


Rigorous Performance Test


Our R&D specialists validate product performance with a series of testing processes in our labs. Taking optical transceivers as an example, the typical testing process includes the Receiver Sensitivity Test, Eye Pattern Test, Bit Error Rate Test, and Temperature Test.


Compatibility Test for Transceivers


Each QT transceiver is 100% tested on corresponding branded network equipment in our labs to ensure compatibility and reliability. The following is a display of module testing on our testbed switches. For more detailed information, please refer to the Youtube video to see how we test QSFP+ transceiver on the Cisco N9K-C93810YC-EX switch.


compatible test of transceiver



Quality Certification


Adhering to the principle of quality first, our products are compliant with the industry's quality standards, such as CE, FCC, ROSH, ISO9001, TÜV.

Quality certification obtained by QSFPTEK


Warranty Guarantee


QSFPTEK provides a free 3-year warranty for transceivers, DACs, and AOCs. For more detail, please check our warranty policy.





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