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200G/400G DCI

High Capacity 200G/400G Coherent Solution for Data Center
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200G Coherent OTN Solution for Data Center Interconnection

To achieve massive information interaction and meet the demand for ultra-high speed and ultra-bandwidth data center interconnection (DCI), QSFPTEK has launched the 200G transponder - a customized OTN transmission platform for DCI applications. The solution adopts QT8600serie equipment, with 2 100G CFP2 on the line side and 1 200G CPF2 on the client side each board, which can achieve 1.4T service capacity transmission with full configuration, and 8T service capacity transmission with 40CH DWDM MUX/DEMUX; the equipment is easily managed and operated, supporting out-of-band management and GCC in-band management, suitable for short-distance service interconnection and backbone network long-distance service transmission between data centers.

5U Chassis Platform

2U Chassis Platform

2x QSFP28 to 1x CPF2

O16/G25 Pre-Amplifier EDFA

O20/G16 Booster EDFA


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Highly Integrated, Diversified Network Management

All Line Cards are modularly integrated in the chassis and can be managed visually. Support Web, CLI, SNMPv2 management.

Diversification of Cliend Side Ports

The client port supports 10G/25G/40G/100G/FC/STM-64/ECPRI, and the line port supports 40G OTU3/100G OTU4/200G OTUC2.

High Reliability

1+1 power supply protection, effectively improving the reliable transmission of the equipment. Support management board main standby protection to guarantee stable monitoring and management of the equipment.

Efficient Configuration, Low Cost Maintenance

Support ZTP.Plug and play, no configuration required. Supporting out-of-band management and in-band management of GCC, supporting Web visual management and providing perfect network and device performance monitoring capability.

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