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What's the Difference Between a PoE Injector and PoE Switch?



PoE means Power over Ethernet plays an essential role in wireless network technology, so do you know what is PoE switch vs PoE injector, usually we use a PoE switch to build a wireless network, then do you know why not use a PoE injector to build a wireless network, this article will show you.

Power over Ethernet technology can provide data and electricity over one Ethernet cable at the same time, this technological innovation has brought great changes to the development of wireless network technology, so do you know the working principle of building a wireless network over a PoE technology, meanwhile, we know that there are two power supply options, PoE switch and PoE injector, why choose a PoE switch instead of a PoE injector, we will discuss these projects in this post


What is Power over Ethernet?


Power over Ethernet technology, also known as PoE technology, this technology makes the power devices (PDs) available to be powered in parallel through the existing twisted-pair Ethernet infrastructure and data without modifying the original equipment. There are some standard PDs including wireless access points: IP cameras, power sourcing equipment (PSE), these devices are usually powered by an Ethernet switch or a midspan power PoE injector. Click here to know more about power over Ethernet technology.


PoE Switch Wiki


PoE switch or power over Ethernet switch is actually a network switch applying power over Ethernet technology. It can make a network connection that delivers both data and electricity to the powered devices over the same Ethernet cable. We can also think of it as a kind of PSE (power sourcing equipment).


A PoE switch can transmit power and network through the same cable. You only need one cable for each device, which is useful when you are struggling with limited space, or when there are already many cables in there that are inconvenient to manage and will help you a lot. PoE switches are also very suitable for building connections that are inconvenient to access power, such as Wireless Access Points and IP cameras, and another important feature is that the PoE switch is easy to maintain and troubleshoot. Moreover, it can monitor the system remotely, and can completely shut down during downtime.


PoE Injector Wiki


A PoE injector also called it midspan or PoE adapter, can be used to give more PoE capability to the non-PoE network connection. The working principle of the PoE injector is to supply power to other compatible devices through Ethernet cable. In this way, it can make a connection between the incompatible PoE switches and PoE devices. 


Using a PoE injector, you will get these benefits:

Convenient Installation: To install a PoE injector, you only need to connect the PoE injector to the PoE endpoint and to an Ethernet switch to build a PoE link.

Make the network expansion more flexible: By installing PoE injector, we not only obtain PoE function for non-PoE Ethernet switch but also increase the network connection distance for the system. We can also provide data and power to the terminal equipment through Ethernet cable at the same time, so as to upgrade the system.

Keep your budget to a minimum: Using a PoE projector can get the lowest cost for your project because it can use your existing Ethernet equipment and cabling infrastructure without adding too much additional equipment.


Wireless Applications of PoE Switch and PoE Injector


Usually, we have two solutions to install high-power wireless applications of PoE technology, upgrade your PoE switch, the other solution is that if your device is a non-PoE network infrastructure, then you can install a PoE injector in this system.


Build a PoE Wireless Network with a PoE Switch


When you are using an IEEE802.3af certified PoE switch, it can send electricity and data to the PoE device through the same Ethernet cable without installing additional wiring, power sources, and adapter. PoE switch can be applied to all applications. PoE switch can play its role in low-cost unmanaged edge switch with only a few ports or multi-port rack-mounted unit with the complex sophisticated system.


PoE Wireless Network with a PoE Switch

Figure1: PoE Wireless Network with a PoE Switch


Build a PoE Wireless Network with a PoE Injector


PoE injectors can add PoE capability to general non-PoE network connections. Generally speaking, engineers can use PoE injectors to upgrade LAN network infrastructure into the PoE system. This general solution can be used when there are required few PoE ports. It is very simple for these network connections to access the PoE injector. These power injectors are controlled and automatic same as the PoE switches.


PoE Wireless Network with a PoE Injector

Figure 2: PoE Wireless Network with a PoE Injector


Why We Should Choose PoE Switch to Build a PoE Wireless Network


First of all, let's learn how to build a wireless network through PoE Ethernet switch and build an enterprise PoE wireless network through the following pictures. First, we need to connect the power over Ethernet to the Internet router, which can connect the network between PoE wireless network equipment and the computer wired by the switch, PoE wireless access points are connected to PoE switches and meanwhile power them, and each wireless access point all can be connected to the network through multiple wireless devices.

Usually, the wireless AP is installed on the ceiling in the office. It can transmit the data and power through CAT5 or CAT6. The PoE Ethernet switch solution to power the AP is more efficient for the wireless network than the PoE injector, it’s easy to solve the problem of the power outlet and you don’t need to connect an additional cable.


Build a Wireless Network via PoE Switch

Figure 3: Build a Wireless Network via PoE Switch



There is no doubt wireless network brings us so much convenience. Using PoE injector and PoE switch can build wireless networks. We already know that using PoE switch can help you achieve higher efficiency. When selecting a PoE switch, we also need to pay attention to the number of ports of the switch, as well as its detailed specifications and price. Send an E-mail to QSFPTEK customer service via sales@qsfptek.com to obtain relevant information about PoE switches. QSFPTEK provides various switches, which can provide our customers with various solutions from large-scale campus network aggregates to small and medium-sized network cores.






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