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10G Media Converter Quick Guide



When you want to extend the network transmission distance or do optical signal mode conversion, you need an Ethernet switch or 10G media converter. This article will quickly guide you through 10G fiber optic media converters.

In 2022, more SMBs and personal users want to extend their network speed and traffic. Instead, 10g network switches are too expensive for most of them. Everyone can extend network transmission speed up to 10Gbps and a much longer transmission distance by a 10g fiber to ethernet media converter at only $110. It's amazing. That explains why 10g media converters are more popular now. This article will quickly guide you on a 10gbe media converter. 


What is 10g SFP+ media converter?


As we know, a media converter is a device that can transfer different media data like convert electrical signals to optical signals. It can also be used for single-mode to multi-mode conversion. It is well applied for campus networks, small offices, and homes. Besides, the installation of a media converter is extremely simple, and it is an ideal substitute for 10G switches.


10g SFP to rj45 converter introduction


The typical copper UTP Ethernet cable’s maximum application length is 100 meters. An SFP to ethernet converter increases transmission distance by fiber optic cable. It converts electrical pulses from copper 10Gbased-T networks to optical pulses for fiber optic 10Gbps networks. You can choose single-mode or multi-mode SFP[+ optical modules to use together. The SFP+ interface of the transceiver is highly compatible, and most brands of SFP+ optical modules can be connected.


QSFPTEK provides a  Mini 1x 100M/1G/2.5G/5G/10GBase-T RJ45 to 1x 10GBase-X SFP+ Slot 10G Media Converter. Its size is very compact, only 20x60x90mm, and the full load power consumption is within 5W. The media converter supports Auto-MDI/MDIX and LFP/ALS Functions, if you want to know what is LFP and ALS functions, you can go to this page: Why does LFP (Link Fault Pass-Through) Matter on Ethernet Media Converter?


10g sfp to rj45 converter


10g fiber to fiber media converter


This fiber to fiber transceiver is often used for mode conversion. Sometimes the line changes from single-mode fiber to multimode fiber at a node, or vice versa. At this time, with an SFP to SFP media converter, single and multi-mode signal switching can be realized at a very low cost. When you only need to convert a single 10G signal, it is obviously not a cost-effective choice to purchase 10G network switches with a large number of useless interfaces.


This 10g fiber to ethernet media converter can be regarded as a 10G OEO to a certain extent, supporting optical signal retiming, regeneration, and remodeling. QSFPTEK also provides a 1x 10GBase-X to 1x 10GBase-X 2SFP+ Slots 10G Fiber Media Converter, which supports LEDndicates Diagnostic & DIP-switch Configurations Status. You can use it to convert 850nm optical signals to any single-mode wavelength, including 1310nm/1550nm or CWDM wavelengths and any other single-mode wavelengths. All these functions can be obtained for only $110. You can compare the cost of other solutions. QSFPTEK's media converters have absolute cost advantages and strong stability and functionality. It can be adopted with AC100V~240V/DC5~12V 2 kinds of power cords.


10g fiber to fiber media converter


Why choose 10gb media converter?


The 10g sfp+ media converter has some features similar to the 10g network switches. Instead, it is simpler and purer and performs the functions of the L2 layer devices. You can directly insert different optical modules into the SFP+ interface according to your needs without entering the management interface, and it will faithfully perform the task of data transmission.


According to your needs, you can also choose fiber optic transceivers with built-in optical modules, with transmission distances ranging from 2km to 40km. For most SMB customers and home users, 10G fiber media converters are very flexible and extremely easy to install, furthermore they can be connected without much network technology. The price is also much lower than 10G switches. 




In the past few years, the price of 10G transceivers had been more than $200, time passed by, the price of the 10G media converter provided by QSFPTEK is only $110 each. Free shipping is also available for some areas. What are you hesitating about now for you who urgently need to upgrade your 10G Ethernet network? Welcome to contact QSFPTEK sales to purchase 10g media converters and related optical module products. If you have any technical issues, feel free to contact our customer service directly.


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