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QT Optical Transceiver Datasheet Center

Author Aiyden

Date 10/27/2021

Frustrated at keeping jumping on each page to find various types of optical modules' datasheet pdf? Now you can check this page to get quick access to optical transceiver datasheets provided by QSFPTEK.


The table below shows optical transceiver datasheets quick entrance divided by module speeds and standards provided by QSFPTEK. 





Page Link

1G Transceiver Datasheet 10G Transceiver Datasheet 25G Transceiver Datasheet 40G Transceiver Datasheet 100G Transceiver Datasheet


• 1G SFP datasheet

• 1G Bidi SFP datasheet
• 10G SFP+ datasheet

• 10G Bidi SFP+ datasheet

• 10G DWDM SFP+ datasheet
• 25G SFP28 datasheet

• 25G Bidi SFP28 datasheet

• 25G CWDM SFP28 datasheet
40G QSFP+ datasheet 100G QSFP28 datasheet




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