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QSFPTEK launches online shopping



QSFPTEK launches online shopping on April 9th. The new Shopify site will bring tons of new features.

April 9th, QSFPTEK news - QSFPTEK has launched a Shopify site: aimed at online payment. Customers will be able to shop online and place an order on by themselves. 


In addition to online payment, the new website also combines other functions such as logistics tracking and online after-sales application. You can directly visit to place an order, or select the desired product on and click the "Shop Online now!!" button to jump to the corresponding product page in the Shopify store. At present, we only support PayPal payment, and the credit card payment function will be opened in the future.



Thank you for your continued support, QSFPTEK will strive to provide customers with various and better quality products.




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