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Land XCORPORATION Venezuela - Case study



This case is from a client in Venezuela who needs an OTN 10G DWDM solution to connect multiple locations. QSFPTEK successfully provided him with a logical solution, and we will tell the story.






No fiber information, no fiber loss values. The insertion loss and pairing loss of the single-fiber MUX/DEMUX are relatively large, and the power margin needs to be fully considered.


Customer Benefits

1. Multi-service access capability: This solution adopts the QSFPTEK FMT series multi-service platform, with 8CH DWDM MUX/DEMUX for transparent transmission, and supports multi-service mixed transmission, including 10G WAN/LAN, Ethernet 100M, STM-16/64, OTU2 /2e and other protocols. The expansion is simple and the operation is convenient. 
2. Unified and simple network management: The management function is simple and easy to use, providing fault, alarm, configuration management, and providing effective guarantee for daily management and maintenance.
3. Cost-effective choice: The principle of the maximum value for cost was adopted in the selection of products. It is built to the minimum specifications that can guarantee normal operation and meet customer expansion needs. Since the link length reaches 95km, OBA+OPA dual EDFA is used for power amplification. DCM takes into account the compensation coefficient of G.652 series dispersion, giving 40km of negative dispersion compensation is the most cost-effective choice. The client is very satisfied with the program, which has been running for half a year.



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