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National Telecommunications Corporation Indonesia- Case study



This case is a telecom company from Indonesia, they need a 100G coherent solution for the metropolitan area network. Next we will describe how QSPFTEK provides a satisfactory solution.




The transmission distance between sites in this scheme is very long, but OA sites cannot be set up in the line for relay amplification. This means that we need to configure the EDFA with sufficient power at both ends as much as possible, and simulate the transmission to ensure that the entire solution is feasible. At the same time, we need to consider the quality of the optical cable, so we need to keep a high enough system margin.


Customer Benefits

1. Cost-effective choice for 100G coherent solutions: For the current lower channel requirements, in order to save costs, we have equipped customers with 100G OTU card instead of 100G Muxponder. The 2RU chassis can fully meet the expansion needs of 4 channels in the future. For some sites that require a higher channel count, a 5RU chassis can meet the needs of 10 channels.


2. Various network management methods: Support SNMP, WEB, CLI, and Telnet various network management methods. Support in-band network management.


3. Perfect protection measures: Support 1+1 Facility Protection and dual power supply redundancy protection and etc.


4. Support multi-protocol mixed transmission: Transport 40G/100G Ethernet, SDH STM-16/64/256, Fiber Channel, SDI, HD-SDI, CPRI,etc.


5. Ultra-high-capacity transmission and extreme redundancy: The 100G tunable coherent module can support a maximum transmission capacity of 4Tbps in 40Channels. Due to the higher tolerance of the coherent module, a higher power margin in the solution design can be achieved to ensure transmission stability without being affected by dispersion.


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