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New High School Campus Successfully Built Three-Tier Architecture Networking with QSFPTEK Switches



The QSFPTEK has tailored a three-tier architecture networking for a new high school campus, helping to build a smart campus network with high bandwidth, scalability, wireless integration, and easy management and maintenance.




Design a medium-sized campus network while considering high reliability, high performance, and management. High school networking should consider scalability and upgrade flexibility to respond to the possibility of end devices increase.



For the medium to large-scale campus, QSFPTEK technical engineers designed a traditional three-layer architecture. To meet low-latency and high-forwarding requirements in large campus networks, QSPFTEK deployed S5600 and S7600 series switches that support data center features such as MLAG, VXLAN, and RDMA.



To ensure high reliability and scalability, In the core layer, we use S7600-32C with 32 pure 100G QSFP28 ports to configure a dual-core switch for device redundancy. Besides, OSPF helps to ensure efficient and reliable network communication by providing dynamic routing, load balancing, and failover capabilities. 


In the aggregation layer, applying S7600-48X8C switches to form MLAG to provide uninterrupted services. The high-speed rates of 40G/100G ports for uplink to the core and 10G downlink ports aggregate the different building networks to the distribution switches. 


In the access layer, stack two S5600-48S4X switches via the 10G SFP+ uplinks ports to expand network capacity and simplify management. Then connect the SFP ports to servers.  S5600-48T4X and S5600-24T8X with 10G optical uplinks and 1G electrical ports allow access layer switches to connect to PCs, IP phones, printers, and other end devices in various interconnect scenarios. Besides, we add PoE+ switches such as S5300-24P4X to power IP cameras, APs and offer security surveillance solutions.

Further, the S7600 and S5600 series switches in the networking are designed with power supply and fan redundancy. Based on the Hitless Protection System (HPS), they are equipped with 1+1 modular hot-swappable power supplies and hot-swap 3+1 fans.


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Customer Benefits

Compared to the two-tier architecture, the access-aggregation-core architecture increases the switch devices, adding aggregation link redundancy and core device redundancy networking. This three-tier configuration can handle the data traffic of 1000+ users. With OSPF deployed in the core, MLAG link aggregation in the aggregation layer and switch stacking in the access layer, this solution ensures ultra-high reliability and link utilization, while also expanding the network scale for dual-attached access to meet customer demands. Also, the Power over Ethernet switch transmits data and power over a single cable, cutting down cable usage and delivering placement flexibility. 


The QSFPTEK one-stop custom networking solution deeply understands the demands of our customers from any industry. We helped the high school to build a tailored smart campus network with high bandwidth, scalability, wireless integration, and easy management and maintenance. It efficiently supports teaching, research, and management needs and provides students and teachers with a seamless and enjoyable internet experience, as well as a wireless network environment for work and study.




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