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QSFPTEK is an original brand of fiber optic transceiver factory outlet that serves SMB users. Proudly self-producing and rigorous testing in our own factory and lab, we are dedicated to delivering cost-effective products with high reliability and performance at wholesale price. 

Who We Are


QSFPTEK is an optical communication brand driven by technology and productivity. Based on our own factory and quality lab, we have fulfilled over 31,000 orders of optical interconnect products for thousands of satisfied customers with quality assured products at the industry's best price.



An Optical Communication Products Manufacturer


We manage a factory of 1000 square meters for volume productions. And the QC department enforces strict and high standards from raw material components procurement, production, assembling, and test to ensure customers get quality and reliable optical interconnect products. Visit our factory via the link: On the Scene of QT Lab | QSFPTEK



An Optical Communication Products Seller


Our product portfolios include optical transceivers, fiber optic cables, mux, demux, media converters, etc, which will meet all your demands in telecom solutions. We also offer a wholesale price for big volume orders. About the wholesale price, you can consult our sales team at sales@qsfptek.com.


QSFPTEK Sales Team



An Optical Communication Solutions Tech Supporter


Besides products, we also provide customers with pre-sales and post-sales technical service and support based on our professional tech team with a passion for serving our customers with the best service. Please feel free to contact us.





Our Strength


Continuous Supply Capability, Adequate Stocks, Fast Delivery 


Based on our own 1000 square meters factory, we have continuous supply capability of products. We got adequate stocks and are ready to ship from our factory the next day you place an order. 


Competitive Price 


Our cost is lower due to our highly efficient production, high volume orders, and shortened circulation chains. 

Reduce costs by 90% than OEM brand vendors. 

Reduce costs by 50% than other mainstream third-party vendors.


oem price vs 3rd-party price vs qsfptek price


Strict Quality Control 


QSFPTEK always insists on quality first. Every product is fully tested before delivery in our Quality Lab. Taking optical transceivers as an example, the rigorous quality control process includes: 


1. Harsh Production Process 

2. Switch Compatibility Test 

3. Rigorous Performance Test 

4. Quality Certification 

Complete Service




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