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Free shipping on orders over US$ 79.8
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Interconnect Solution for Medium and Large Scale Data Centers

400G DCI Medium and Large Scale Data Centers Interconnect Solution
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Interconnect Solution for Medium and Large scale Data Centers

Medium and large-scale data centers require stable, reliable, highly integrated solutions with flexible operational choices. QT's customized data center solution incorporates the cutting-edge 900 series products, featuring opto-electronic integrated hardware, an enormous transmission capacity of 400G/channel, and 25.6Tbits/Fiber. The network protection scheme includes port-level protection, card-level protection, and fiber-level protection, ensuring triple protection to guarantee uninterrupted business operations. Operational flexibility is provided through support for NETCONF/YANG standard open interfaces and a GUI management platform based on the B/S architecture. This allows for unified management of devices from different brands, catering to diverse product needs. Customer-side interfaces on the card range from 10G/40G/100G/400G, supporting multiple protocols such as FC/Ethernet/SDH/OTN, meeting the network access requirements of most users. This solution is well-suited for the majority of medium and large-scale data centers, offering a balanced price-performance ratio. For further inquiries, please feel free to contact us.







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Ultra-Large Transmission Capacity

Achieve transmission speeds of up to 400G, providing an unparalleled transmission capacity of up to 25.6Tbps (400G*64λ), with a capacity of 3.2Tbps per RU.

Network Management Options

Our network management solutions offer high availability and a rich set of options. We support the NETCONF/YANG standards, providing open interfaces. Choose between B/S-based GUI and CLI for efficient management.

Exceptional Protection Performance

From electrical layers to optical layers and entire circuits, our solution offers diverse protection mechanisms with rapid sub-50ms switching, ensuring uninterrupted business operations.

Real-time Monitoring

Experience comprehensive performance monitoring for OTN and optical layers, with an optional integrated OTDR for real-time visibility into business progress. Quickly identify and troubleshoot issues with problem nodes.

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