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How QSFPTEK Guarantees SFP Compatibility



What is optical SFP compatibility? Does compatibility matter to optical modules? Should I buy 3rd party SFP or OEM SFP? How to choose a trusted SFP manufacturer. Find the answers in the following paper.

Compatibility to the SFP Module Is What Key Is to Lock

In optical communication applications, the optical SFP transceiver module is used as the core device to accomplish electric-to-optical conversion and optical-to-electric conversion. With the rise of 5G, cloud computing, and big data, the demand for optical modules is increasing greatly. The market of optical transceiver modules is flooded with various original equipment vendors(like Cisco, Juniper, Intel, HPE, etc.) and third-party manufacturers. These modules appear almost the same from outlooks, however, optical modules with the same specifications produced by different vendors or manufacturers may have discrepancy performances when used on the same equipment. For example, both Cisco 10G SFP+ SR module and the HPE 10G SFP+ SR module follow the 10GBASE-SR related protocols, however, Cisco 10G SFP+ SR module may not work normally on HPE switch equipment but the HPE 10G SFP+ SR module can do. It is the SFP compatibility issue that gives rise to this problem. 


Generally, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) will encrypt their equipment such as switches, routers, etc, to make only their own brand SFP modules working on their own equipment while other brands' don't. So compatibility matters to SFP modules, just like key matters to the lock.


Are You Still Buying OEM SFP Modules?

With the rapid development of high-bandwidth and high-speed networks, optical SFP modules are in large demand for network service providers. Besides, optical modules have a certain service life of up to about five years, so even if the data center is not prepared to upgrade, the optical module needs to be replaced regularly. So choosing an SFP manufacturer that is able to provide SFP modules with cost-effective prices and high-reliable performance is vital to network service providers.


OEM SFP Manufacturers or Third-party SFP Manufacturers

OEM SFP Manufacturers or Third-party SFP Manufacturers

There are two types of SFP manufacturers, OEM manufacturers and third-party manufacturers. OEM SFP modules are supplied and branded by your network equipment vendor, conversely, third-party SFP modules are not. (What are the differences between 3rd party SFP modules vs OEM SFP modules?) Then, Should you choose OEM SFP manufacturers or 3rd party manufacturers? You may have the answer when considering the following factors.


Price - QSFPTEK can help you reduce your cost by 40%

Without exception, all third-party SFP manufacturers’ optical modules are much cheaper than OEMs’. According to the market survey, OEM optical modules are even 10 times higher than 3rd party. Choosing a 3rd party SFP module means you are allowed to save huge project expenses. QSFPTEK is an optical transceiver modules supplier. Driven by manufacturing capabilities and technology, we are professional in manufacturing, factory outlet and we can help you reduce your cost by more than 40% by providing absolutely cost-effective original vendor SFP compatible optical transceiver modules. (Price survey of top 5 SFP manufacturers)


Flexibility – QSFPTEK can provide comprehensive optical SFP options for your equipment

In many cases, optical modules options offered by OEM manufacturers are very limited. Often not provide BiDi, CWDM, or DWDM optical module selection. However, in third-party manufacturers, such as QSFPTEK, you are allowed flexible use of such modules with almost any vendor equipment.



How QSFPTEK Guarantees SFP Compatibility

From the above mentioned, we have learned compatibility is very important for any SFP optical module. Besides, 3rd party modules have price and flexibility advantages compared to “original” optical transceivers. Then you may be concerned about how a 3rd party SFP manufacturer can guarantee compatibility. The following is QSFPTEK’s optical SFP module compatibility solution.


QSFPTEK Guarantees SFP Compatibility

Basic Production Principle - Strictly Complying with Industry Standards

QSFPTEK promises all optical modules are produced according to related industry standards, such as MSA (Multisource Agreement) standards, IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering) standards, ITU-T (Telecommunication Standardization Sector) standards, etc.


Learn what is the MSA Standard here.

Compatibility Test - Individually Tested on Original Vendor Equipment

In addition to strictly following relevant industry standards in production, each QSFPTEK optical transceiver will be individually and strictly tested on target original vendor equipment in our quality lab. QSFPTEK quality lab equipped with all mainstream vendors' equipment such as original brand switches and routers. QSFPTEK is able to provide 200+ OEM SFP modules such as Cisco third-party SFP, HPE third-party SFP, Intel third-party SFP, Brocade third-party SFP, etc. For example, to guarantee cisco SFP compatibility, each QSFPTEK cisco third-party SFP will be tested on multi mainstream Cisco switches to ensure transceiver performance and working reliability.



QSFPTEK Quality Lab Equipment


Reference: SFP Modules Compatibility Matrix

Here are the good links to check which module is supported in which OEM platform:

Cisco SFP Compatibility Matrix


HP SFP Compatibility Matrix


Intel SFP Compatibility Matrix





3rd party SFP modules have a great advantage in price and flexible options over OEM SFP modules. However, the SFP compatibility issue needs to be brought to your attention when choosing a 3rd party SFP module. QSFPTEK can provide a comprehensive compatibility solution to guarantee the mainstream original vendors' SFP compatibility, such as Cisco SFP compatibility. If you are seeking Cisco SFP alternatives to help cut down the costs on these expensive modules. QSFPTEK will be a good choice.


If you have any confusion about choosing a third party for your equipment, the only thing you need to do is to tell your equipment model via our live chat or email at sales@qsfptek.com, our customer experience representatives, and tech support are available round-the-clock to provide you with right SFP compatibility modules.


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