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40G Single Fiber Point-to-Point 1+1 line Backup solution

Author Tao

Date 08/22/2022

This case comes from the needs of a new visual media company in Thailand. They need a 40G link between the two sites.



Industry: Media and entertainment industry

Country: Thailand


Our two studio switches in Bangkok need to establish a 4CH 10G network link. We leased a pair of optical fibers, and in order to ensure the stability of the network, we need to back up the optical fibers. When one fiber fails, it needs to switch to another for transmission.




The customer needs to establish a 4CH*10G single-fiber connection between two sites 40km apart. 



Redundant backup of optical fiber lines is required, and OLP equipment is required too. Since the optical fiber has only 2 cores,  we need to establish a single-fiber transmission system.


Customer Benefits


1.8CH Single Fiber DWDM MUX DEMUX equipment is used in the solution, which can be expanded to 80G services in the future.


2. The original 10G Ethernet data on the switch are converted into 10G DWDM services through the 10G OEO transponder card.


3. Due to the overall loss, OA amplifying equipment is added at both ends of the line to amplify the signal at the receiving end.


4. When the cable fails, the line fault detection and switching of the system can be completed within 15ms, ensuring that the transmission service will not be affected.


5. The equipment size of the whole system is controlled within 2RU. Furthermore, the cost of this solution is friendly.





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