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1U Horizontal Cable Manager Finger Duct with Cover, Rackmount, Single-Sided, 19 inch

Product No :100068
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Accessory Series
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1. High capacity: up to 48 Cat6 cables in 1U
2. For High-density wiring projects in cabinet or rack
3. 12 finger ducts on each side with a removable cover
4. Metal material guarantees high durability
5. Ideal for organizing fiber optic, copper, and coax cables
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1U Finger Duct Horizontal Cable Manager Panel with Cover (Rackmount, Single-Sided, 19-inch, Metal)


The horizontal cable management is specially designed with 12 finger ducts on each side, which enables to route in and out cable from both the rack front and back. This design construction ensures control of the bend radius to the utmost to reduce cable wear. It also features a removable dual-hanged top cover, which provides flexibility to adjust cable bundles from the panel and offers a neat professional look. Metal cable organizer ensures high durability compared to the plastic cable panel.

The finger duct cable management panel is ideal for high-density cabling to manage all cable types such as fiber optic cables, copper cables, coax, etc. Theoretically, the 19-inch rack cable management can accommodate up to 48 round 24AWG Cat6 cables in 1U space. The wire manager meets EIA requirements and can be rack-mounted to any 19" server rack, cabinet, and structured cabling closet to keep the tangling cable in order.


Rack Unit 1U Style Finger Duct with Cover
Orientation Horizontal Configuration Single-Sided
Material Metal Dimensions (HxWxD) 1.73"x19.00"x2.70" (44.0x482.6x68.6mm)
Weight 0.88lbs (0.45kg) Installation Standard EIA 19" Rack Rails
Included Accessories M6*15mm Screw x4 and M6 Nut x4 Cable Capacity (Theoretical Value) 48pcs Cat6 24AWG
Color Black Coat Black Powder


Quality Certifications



Deploying the finger duct cable manager to organize copper cables for server rack, cabinet, structured cabling closet or network distribution cabling


Product details

Keep Cable Organized for a Clean Rack and Save Space


A comparison of rack cabinet before vs after using cable management solution




12 Finger Ducts on each side with a Removable Cover Provides Optimal Cable Protection and Installation Flexibility


• Front and back cable manageability guarantees the optimal bend radius

• Dual-hanged top cover provides flexibility to adjust cable bundles & offers a neat professional look

• The rounded edge design protects the cable jacket from wear


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  • Clark B. Canada

    Products with great design. Before we received the product we were always worried about the quality of the product, whether the paint would fall off, whether the hooks were strong, after we received the product, the quality of the product surprised me, we assembled a lot, none of the bending occurred, this product makes our data center neat and orderly. Thank you QSFPTEK!

    Accessory Models1U, Finger Duct with Cover, Single Sided

    Accessory SeriesHorizontal Cable Managers



  • Adrian A. Australia

    This product is very simple, but at the same time it gives us a wonderful experience, its panel and ring are made of metal rather than plastic. It is also very easy to install it in less than a minute. Highly recommend this product!

    Accessory Models1U, Fixed D-Rings, Single Sided

    Accessory SeriesHorizontal Cable Managers



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1U Horizontal Cable Manager Finger Duct with Cover, Rackmount, Single-Sided, 19 inch

Accessory Series Horizontal Cable Managers

Accessory Models 1U, Finger Duct with Cover, Single Sided