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QT860-DCF40, 40KM DCF Passive Dispersion Compensation Fiber Based Module

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1. Dispersion Compensation Fiber Technology, totally passive 
2. Ultra-low Polarization Mode Dispersion≤0.8ps
3. Ultra-low Noise Figure≤4.5dB(Typical)
4. Compliant with RoShH-6 lead-free standard
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40km Dispersion Compensation Fiber Pluggable Module


DCM dispersion compensation is a pure passive device, which can perform broadband dispersion slope compensation in C-band for standard single-mode fiber (G.652), and is used in optical transmission systems to repair optical signals distorted by dispersion Compensate for damaged signals, and improve the performance of the optical transmission system, thereby realizing high-speed, large-capacity, and long-distance communication. The dispersion range of QSFPTEK's DCM at 1550nm wavelength can reach -10 to -2100ps/nm and can provide products with special requirements for center wavelength and dispersion.


Compensation Length 40km Wavelength Range C-band
Dispersion (ps/nm) -670±330ps/nm Connector LC/UPC
Insertion Loss


Housing Pluggable Module (Occupy 2 slots)
Polarization Mode Dispersion <0.8ps Polarization Dependence Loss <0.1ps
Noise Figure 4.5dB (Typical) Operating Temperature –5 to 70°C


Quality Certifications



Point-to-Point Long-Haul DWDM Solution


DCM has wide adoption in distance extension applications to compensate for chromatic dispersion.


Product details

Compensate Dispersion for Reliable Signals




Fix Signal Dispersion to Extend Transmission Distance


A DCM-based DWDM solution can compensate for dispersion, ensuring

signals are received over a longer transmission distance.




40km DCM for Highly Converged WDM Platform


The 40km DCM can be integrated into the QT860 series OTN Chassis Platform and works together

with other QT860 series OTN products such as OLP, EDFA, Transponders, etc.


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QT860-DCF40, 40KM DCF Passive Dispersion Compensation Fiber Based Module

Series QT860

Model 40km DCF