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QT900-CH2U08, 8 Slots 2U Managed Chassis Platform Unloaded for OTN Transmission, with SCU

Product No :102415
US$ 2202.90  US$ 2599.00
100 in real-time stock, 21Jul, 2024
1. Support up to 10-400 Gbps Per Wavelength for 3.2Tbit/s Capacity
2. 8 Slots, 2U 19” Stackable Chassis Unit for DCI Traffic Cards
3. No Slot Restrictions, Meet the Requirements of Multi-Service Access.
4. Dual Redundant Power Supplies and Smart 2+1 FRU Fan Units to Ensure Non-stop Reliable Operation
5. Provides Multiple Multi-Layer Network-Level and Device-Level Protection Solutions
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Highly Integrated, Optoelectronic Integration 2U Managed Chassis


The QT900 series 2U network management chassis supports up to 8x 400G Electric layer boards, up to a maximum capacity of 3.2Tbit/s. It supports ZTP installation and can be used after installation without configuration. All boards, power supplies, and fans support hot swapping. The platform supports multiple service types, including s 10GE, 100GE, 100GE FlexE (pass-through mode), 400GE, STM-64, 10GE WAN, OTU2, OTU4, etc. The network management platform supports CLI, NETCONF and B/S based GUI, with flexible management methods.


Slot Count 8 Enclosure Type Rack Mountable
Management Type

Main Controller Board

CLI, NETCONF and B/S based GUI

OSC based DCN Communication

Protection Function




Max. Number of Wavelengths Fixes Grid: 96 Wavelengths @ 50GHz Max. Capacity 3.2Tbit/s
Board Hot Pluggable Supports Dimensions(HxWxD) 88mm x 446mm x 450mm
Power Supply

1+1 redundant power

100 V AC~130 V AC (50/60Hz)

200 V AC~240 V AC (50/60Hz)

-48/-60V DC(Rated)

-40/-72V DC(Max.)

Power Consumption < 1100W (Electric Layer Full Match)
Operating Temperature

Short-term: -5℃~+45℃

Long-term: 0℃~40℃

Storage Temperature -40 to 70°C
Quality Testing Program
Quality Certifications


Small Network: single platform with high density optical layer card + electrical layer card for point-to-point networks.


OTN Small Network


Medium / Large network:stacking of multiple electrical layers + multi-dimensional ROADM to form a ring network

OTN Stack

Product details

QT900 Series 1U/2U OTN Platform


QSFPTEK QT900 is a series of box architecture Optical Transport Network (OTN) transmission equipment that supports highly integrated Matching of Optical & Electrical-Layer to address the requirements of various situations. 1U and 2U chassis are available.





Redundant Power Slots and Fans Design


QT900 is shipped with 2 hot-swappable Standard CRPS power supply 1+1 backup power supply as default. With dual powers, a power supply failure or disassembly does not affect the operation of the system. Smart 2+1 Fan units backup are built-in with front-to-rear airflow and can automatically adjust the fan speed to maximize power efficiency.


QT900-CH2U08 power supply and fans



Deployed for High-Capacity Transmission Across all Scenarios.


It facilitates centralized management of both its optical-layer and electrical-layer boards, enabling integrated configuration, multi-rate hybrid transmission, and streamlined operation and maintenance processes.


QT900-CH2U08 Multiple deployment



Easy to Use Management


You can easily manage critical data, alerts, reports, etc., on-site or remotely at any time through the CLI, NETCONF, and B/S based GUI management platform


QT900 Manage UI



Questions & Answers

  • When I purchase the QT860 Chassis, does it come with a power supply?
    Yes. The QT860 series comes standard with two power supplies, one fan, and one main control board.
  • Are the main control boards used on the QT860 chassis universal?
    Yes, you can use the main control board of QT860-CH2U07 on QT860-CH5U15.
  • What is the maximum line rates of QT860 series Chassis?
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  • Merry M. United States of America

    We previously wanted to build a 400G end-to-end ring network. QSFPTEK technicians designed a complete set of network links for us and provided us with the required products and parameters. They were very professional and gave us great support.

    ModelQT900-CH2U08 | 2U 8 Slots Chassis Platform


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