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QT860-BG2017, 17dB Gain DWDM Booster Amplifier, 20dBm Output


The main function of the EDFA (Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier) optical amplifier board is to perform power compensation for the signal light in the transmission link, and can simultaneously amplify up to 48 channels in the C-band (channel spacing is 100GHz) or 96 channels (channel spacing is 50GHz) It has the characteristics of flat gain, adjustable gain, and low noise figure. This EDFA can be highly integrated in the chassis of the QT860 series.


Amplifier Type Booster Amplifier Operation Wavelength 1529nm~1561nm(Typical)
Optical Gain 17±3dBm Gain Flatness 1.5dB (Typical)
Input Power -22dBm~+3dBm Saturated Output Power 20dBm(Customized with Max. +23dBm)
Noise Figure ≤5.5dB Return Loss ≥50dB
Optical Connector LC/UPC Management SNMPv2、Web
Power Consumption


Full Configuration <60w

Operation Mode AGC/APC
EVOA Optional Two-stage signal amplification Optional
Operation Temperature -10 to 60°C
Storage Temperature
-40 to 85°C
Quality Testing Program
Quality Certifications


Connectivity Solution



40 Channel C21~C60 Mux Demux

③ EDFA Booster Amplifier (BA)





Point-to-Point Long-Haul DWDM Solution


EDFA amplifiers have wide adoption in distance extension applications, to compensate for the power loss in the Demux that is close to the receiver for DWDM wavelength or single wavelength.


Product details

Compensate Power and Amplify Signals





Adjustable Gain (17dB±3dB) and Optical Power


Adjustable Gain (17dB±3dB) and Optical Power



EDFA for Highly Converged WDM Platform


The EDFA Booster Amplifier (BA) can be integrated into the QT860 series OTN Chassis Platform and works together

with other QT860 series OTN products such as OLP, DCM, Transponders, etc.


QT860-BG1720 on the QT860 series

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