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400G Coherent Optical Transceiver Wiki: How Does it Accelerating Data Centers

Author Moore

Date 05/15/2024

This article is a wiki about 400G coherent optical modules. Coherent modules can help you quickly switch to 400G network capacity, responding to the increasing data demand.

The rapid development of digital transformation and the subsequent tremendous increase in internet traffic underscored the need for reliable interconnections between data centers to support modern network infrastructures. The revolutionary 400G coherent optical communication technology offers state-of-the-art and highly effective methods for such a purpose. The following article will introduce the readers to the 400G coherent optical devices and describe the benefits and differences in usage of the 400G architecture.


Coherent Optical Communication Technology: Move to 400G


Coherent optical communication device technology relies on manipulating the phase, amplitude, and polarization of light to achieve efficient emission and processing of information. Notably, 400G coherent optical device technology is based on the same coherent optical communication concept. It focuses on generating data at a rate of 400 gigabits per second. Therefore, the advanced technology enhances the traditional optical communication concepts to increase the data being transmitted and transported through networks during the intense search for network bandwidth and increased intensity of data transfer between data centers.


The capabilities of 400G coherent optical communication technology extend beyond simply achieving higher data rates. It enables more flexible network deployment strategies by optimizing spectral efficiency and utilizing tunable optical wavelength resources. This makes it well-suited for long-distance backbone and metropolitan area network transmissions and facilitates high-speed interconnections between data centers.


Coherent Optical Conmmunication


The Application of 400G Coherent Optical in DCI Area


Integrating 400G coherent optical communication technology with Data Centre Interconnect applications represents a significant development to consider in addressing the growing demands associated with modern data traffic. Implementing 400G through advanced modulation techniques, digital signal processing, and silicon photonics can improve data center networks' bandwidth, efficiency, and scalability.

Leveraging 400G Coherent Optical Technology for Network Optimization


More specifically, adopting 400G coherent optical technology with Data Centre Interconnect applications more than triples the existing inter-data center connectivity bandwidth. This improvement enables data centers to dynamically distribute the traffic from different regions while using load balancing to ensure optimal performance and reliability across the network architecture. In addition, the enhanced connection speed allows for real-time efficiency and productivity in vital data synchronization and backup activities, which is critical for maintaining business continuity.


Empowering Scalable Cloud Infrastructure with 400G Coherent Optical Technology


400G coherent optical technology implementation enables cloud service providers to access high-bandwidth connections and promote a real-time adaptive capacity to manage and scale their network infrastructure based on the diverse needs of individual customers. This technology also contributes to reducing data transmission latency, which supports the real-time processing and analysis of data, ultimately improving the quality of cloud computing performance. 


Enhancing Data Backup and Disaster Recovery with 400G Coherent Optical Communication


400G coherent optical communications technology revolutionizes data backup speed, enabling organizations to replicate data to remote locations at incredible speeds. This means that the time it takes to replicate data volumes during backup windows can be dramatically reduced, allowing organizations to operate without fear of data loss. In addition, high bandwidth connectivity during disaster recovery ensures that organizations do not lose significant amounts of data.

QSFPTEK 400G Solution Networks Architecture


As a leading optical fiber communication technology provider and with our good products, QSFPTEK delivers cutting-edge solutions in 400G architecture, including hardware design and performance optimization. It also specializes in comprehensive network architecture planning and deployment strategies, which meet the demanding requirements of future networks and ensure high-speed and low-latency data transmission services that are both reliable and flexible.


QSFPTEK's 400G architecture is tailored explicitly for metropolitan optical transmission, leveraging its 400G coherent optical module solution. This solution utilizes 400G CFP2 coherent modules that support a flexible tunable wavelength range within the C-band of 191.3~196.1 THz. These modules are deployed on Muxponder/Transponder cards in Data Centre Interconnect (DCI) devices. When combined with MUX/DeMUX, EDFA (Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier), and other essential equipment, QSFPTEK's solution enables the creation of high-capacity inter-city and medium-long-distance N×200G, N×400G DWDM optical transmission networks. Moreover, it supports various modulation modes, allowing flexible adaptation to diverse business scenarios.


400G solution


The Benefits of QSFPTEK 400G Architecture Solution


Advancing Bandwidth Density


The hallmark of QSFPTEK's 400G architecture lies in its remarkable improvement in bandwidth density, addressing the escalating demands of today's digital landscape, where data consumption is surging exponentially. Traditional networking solutions are increasingly constrained by space and power limitations. However, the 400G technology transcends these barriers by enabling higher data rate transmissions through a single connection. This technological leap enhances the management of growing data traffic and empowers network scalability without extensive physical expansions. Such density enhancements are especially crucial in data center environments, where optimizing space and power efficiency directly translates to cost savings and performance enhancements.


Enabling Increased Device Connectivity


The rapid growth of connected devices associated with the Internet of Things is a significant obstacle to continuous device communications. QSFPTEK's 400G coherent optical communication technology is a natural fit for the explosion in user connections due to its ability to serve multiple devices with the expansive bandwidth that the machine can support. Productivity in both consumer-facing and industrial applications is based on continued offerings and the ability to support numerous different devices seamlessly. 


For data centers, this translates into the ability to facilitate high-speed, reliable connections critical for hosting an expanding array of IoT devices and services. The 400G architecture enables data centers to evolve into more efficient, resilient, and scalable infrastructures capable of meeting the connectivity needs of the future; this makes it a prime selection for organizations aiming to future-proof their networks and maximize their investments.




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400G coherent optical modules enable high-capacity networks, particularly in DWDM systems, offering ultra-long transmission distances and cost-effective solutions. DWDM Optical Transport Network (OTN) solutions are developing well in the evolution of 400G fiber optic networks. QSFPTEK offers a range of advanced 400G coherent transceiver modules supported by our knowledgeable technical staff, who can deliver comprehensive technical solutions tailored to your needs. You are welcome to contact QSFPTEK via sales@qsfptek.com


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