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40G Ring Topology Network of Local Telecom Operator Netherlands- Case study



This case is from a local pharmaceutical company in the Netherlands. They need to build a ring topology network between 3 labs or factories. Let's the solution QSPFTEK offers.


success case pf otn network solution


The customer needs to configure line redundancy and is not interested in OLP equipment. 



Engineers believe that a ring network is the most suitable solution. We connect all adjacent stations to ensure that each station can be connected in both directions. Since the transmission distance is all within 110km, we can use the 40CH DWDM in Data center and the 4CH DWDM OADM for each point. Amplifier and DCF equipment is required. It is necessary to reasonably control the wavelength input power of each node to avoid large optic power differences between wavelengths.



Customer Benefits


We built a protection mechanism using the redundancy of the ring network without adding additional equipment and increasing customer costs. At the same time, the management of FMT is simple and efficient, and even non-experts can configure each site network.



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