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Noise-Free and Surveillance Office Network for a Future-Proof Library



See how QSFPTEK designs a cost-effective, noise-free, monitored and scalable library network based on customer's need.



The customer's goal was to provide a quiet environment for users to study and for staff to work without any distractions. Besides, the library has two floors, both housing over 5 IP cameras. The challenge is to select access layer switches that can facilitate the establishment of a noise-free and monitored network. Also, new networks should consider scalability for future proof.


QSFPTEK solution design team adopts the S5300 series switches as access switches and S7300-24X2C as distribution switches.

● First, to build a serene environment, QT engineers selected fanless switches as access switches to directly connect end devices. These switches operate silently, which eliminates the noise pollution caused by the previous network infrastructure. Even if staff sit beside the switches to work, they can’t feel any noise.


● Specifically, in the first-floor office, QT deployed S5300-24T4X and S5300-24T4S to directly connect PCs, printers, etc. Both switches have 24x 10/100/100BASE-T RJ45 ports, meeting high-density end access requirements for the library scale. S5300-24T4X has 4x 10G SFP+ uplinks, which can handle 1/10G traffic from the aggregation layer. S5300-24T4S has 4x 1G SFP uplinks, integrating fiber connection to the copper network. 


● Second, to address the need for a surveillance system, QT replaced the old noisy PoE switches with S5300-8P2S. It is a fanless PoE/PoE+ switch with 8 10/100/1000BASE-T PoE+ ports and 2 1G SFP ports. With a PoE budget of 130 W, the 8 port RJ45 port can power up to 8 IEEE802.3af PoE standard IP cameras, with 15.4W power per port. It can also power 4 IEEE802.3at PoE+ standard IP cameras, delivering up to 30W power per port.


● Third, the S5300-24T4X is a scalable switch. One day the number of office computers increase, and it will not take much effort for the library to upgrade the access infrastructure. We recommend bringing one more S5300-24T4X and connecting two S5300-24T4X over SFP+ ports to virtualize as a logically single device. It can double port density and simplify management.


● Moreover, S7300-24X2C owns a switching capacity of 800 Gbps and a forwarding rate of 600 Mpps, meeting high-performance data center computing requirements. The 24 10G SFP+ ports can handle high-density 1/10G data traffic from the access layer, and the 2 100G QSFP28 ports provide 25G/40G/100G data processing ability to uplink to the core layer. S7300-24X2C is an ideal aggregation switch, it also supports rich layer 3 routing features and VLAN, which can realize network isolation and segmentation. Besides, S7300-24X2C supports up to 8 models to be bundled as a stack, which offers resilience for future upgrades. The 1+1 redundant hot-swappable power supplies and 4 fans further improve its hardware reliability.


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Customer Benefits

QSFPTEK solution design team fully understood the customers’ needs for quietness and added their professional suggestions to the networking based on its existing infrastructure. With minimum replacement and maximum future orientation, they’ve built a cost-effective, noise-free, monitored and scalable library network.


The deployment of a noise-free and surveillance office network has not only improved the library's ambiance but has also increased the library's productivity. The library staff can now work efficiently without any distractions, and the library users can now enjoy a peaceful and quiet environment while using the library's resources.


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