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100G Fully Redundant High-performance Fabric Solution

Author Moore

Date 03/31/2023

In this case, QSFPTEK engineers created a highly reliable 100G high-performance network architecture with redundancy features using MLAG and Peer-link 100G network switches and 100G optical modules.





We are confronted with the challenge of implementing adequate link redundancy on this particular link. This involves employing switches for data backup, with 100G switches serving as back-end storage switches. Additionally, we need to ensure high reliability to guarantee uninterrupted system operation in case of hardware failure, thereby ensuring the system's high availability. As a result, the S7600-32C will be utilized as it has a brief upgrade period for its MLAG system, the ability to manage MLAG separately, and the capacity to isolate the failure domain, among other benefits, without causing a significant business interruption.




Considering the customer's need for redundancy and the need for data backup of the network, QSFPTEK engineers chose two switches, the S7600-32C and S7600-48Y8C, to build a highly redundant network system.