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100G Optical Modules Help EZSVS's Project Successfully Completed

Author Yana

Date 06/13/2024

Learn how EZSVS enhanced its network for a major project with 100G optical modules from QSFPTEK, ensuring high performance, compatibility, and dedicated support.


Customer Name: EZSVS

Industry: IDC customized service provider

Country: American

Company Size: 501 to 1,000 employees

Customer Voice: We are the industry's leading professional IDC customized service provider. In 2023, we received an order from a major online entertainment company that planned to expand its live-streaming platform to meet the growing demand of users. We needed an efficient and stable network infrastructure to support this expansion. Existing 40G optical modules could no longer meet the demands of this intense data transmission, and network congestion and transmission latency issues were frequent, severely impacting the user experience.



1. Performance Assurance: QSFPTEK needs to provide high-performance optical modules to ensure the smoothness of live broadcasting.


2. Compatibility: Ensuring the 100G transceivers are fully compatible with EZSVS's existing network infrastructure.


3. Technical Support: Providing comprehensive technical support to EZSVS's technical team for successfully deploying and maintaining the new fiber optic transceivers. 



First, based on the existing network architecture and requirements provided by EZSVS, the QSFPTEK technical team recommended 100G SR4 transceivers, and then conducted comprehensive tests on these transceiver modules, including stress tests that simulated various conditions, to ensure the reliability and stability, which are also helpful to solve any possible problems in advance and avoid the risk of network problems that EZSVS may encounter.



In addition, to ensure compatibility with EZSVS's existing network infrastructure, QSFPTEK offers transceiver module customization options to meet the specific requirements of EZSVS's network environment without the need for costly infrastructure upgrades. And QSFPTEK provided detailed technical documentation to the EZSVS IT team.


The last point is about technical support. QSFPTEK assigned a dedicated technical support team to assist EZSVS throughout the deployment and maintenance phases.


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What QSFPTEK Offers


Customization Options

Each customer's network environment likely has unique requirements, so QSFPTEK offers customization options for transceiver modules. This ensures full compatibility with the customer's existing network infrastructure, eliminating the need for costly upgrades, in addition to which the QSFPTEK technical team can provide customized solutions to meet the customer's specific needs.

Technical Support

QSFPTEK provides customers with comprehensive technical support, QSFPTEK has a professional technical team to help customers effectively deploy, manage, and maintain transceivers.


Comprehensive Product Information

QSFPTEK can provide detailed product documentation, such as test reports and datasheets, for customers to review to understand the product information and make efficient decisions.


Customer Benefits


QSFPTEK 100G transceiver modules improve network performance, and data transfer speeds, and significantly reduce latency, ensuring a high-quality end-user experience and increasing user satisfaction and engagement. The scalable 100G technology ensures that customers can grow and adapt to future data demands, thus providing long-term value. EZSVS has strengthened its position in the data center services industry by completing the project for this online entertainment company, enabling EZSVS to attract more high-demand customers.


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