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How We Offer Reliable 400G Short Distance Optic Solution For GE HealthCare?

Author Moore

Date 06/27/2024

QSFPTEK helped GE HealthCare achieve stable 400G data transmission using cost-effective, stable AOC cables. Learn how we helped GE HealthCare upgrade its network in this success story!

Customer Name: GE HealthCare 

Industry: Health Care Equipment & Services

Company Size: 50000+ staff

Customer Voice: 

At GE Healthcare, we see the possibilities of the future of healthcare through innovation, and we are committed to partnering with our customers through breakthrough medical technologies, smart devices, and care solutions. This time, we hope to achieve stable data transmission with the help of 400G technology. For this healthcare infrastructure, we want to apply cutting-edge rates and stable transmission, and we are committed to providing integrated solutions that will make new hospitals more efficient, clinicians more effective, treatments more precise, and patients healthier.




1. Apply to short-distance transmission.

2. Establish stable transmission within the hospital to avoid emergencies.

3. Considerations for network solution costs.

4. Compatible with current network infrastructure.




First, to meet the customer's needs, QSFPTEK provides GE HealthCare with a 400G AOC cable to establish network integration and migration. A 400G QSFP-DD active optical cable can be perfectly adapted for distances from 1m to 100m, meeting the customer's short-distance data transmission needs.


Second, considering the medical industry's unique characteristics, data transmission stability must be satisfied. 400G AOC's fiber core is optical fiber, which is an insulating material that will not conduct electricity, so it will not be subjected to electromagnetic interference or radio signal interference in data transmission. 400G DAC uses a copper core, which is susceptible to interference in data transmission. In hospitals, high-intensity radiation and high-volume electronic equipment are more likely to cause interference to the DAC, which must also be considered.


For the third and fourth challenges, a 400G AOC cable with one 400G QSFP-DD connector at each end and eight 50G PAM4 electrical channels per connector is less expensive than using two 400G QSFP-DD transceivers plus a fiber optic cable, reducing the overall network solution's cost. AOC cables also mean that current fiber optic network systems can be used directly, adapting to the current network infrastructure.


‘’The new network solution is working very well, and we are excited to see the new 400G innovations make a difference in the healthcare industry.''

GE HealthCare PM responded


What Do We Offer

Brand switch compatibility test: QSFPTEK provides a complete range of brand switches and can conduct compatibility testing on your equipment to ensure availability.

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Bulk purchase discounts: Order in bulk to enjoy competitive pricing and improve capital utilization.

Test report provided: QSFPTEK can provide product test reports to evaluate the product before purchasing.

Comprehensive quality certification: QSFPTEK's modules comply with industry standards such as CE, FCC, ROSH, ISO9001, REACH, UL, and TÜV.

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400GBASE-XDR4 QSFP-DD| 1310nm 2km


Customer Benefits

With the 400G cutting-edge rates, this hospital served by GE HealthCare already has access to new technologies such as IoT, and even AI, which demand high network rates and low latency. We're excited to see GE HealthCare use communications technology to digitize healthcare in a way that increases productivity and improves patients' lives. Not only did GE HealthCare get the ideal solution at a low price, but during the service process, QSFPTEK technicians provided them with a customized solution and set up a simulated network environment in the lab to successfully validate the feasibility and stability of the network solution.


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