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Short Distance Transmission Solution Designed for IRON Global

Author Leslie

Date 07/04/2024

QSFPTEK provides short-distance transmission solutions to Iron Global, helping it simplify wiring and reduce operation and maintenance costs by deploying DAC.

Customer Name: IRON Global

Industry: IT Service Provider

Country: United States

Company Size: 1,000 to 5,000 employees

Customer Voice:

We are an IT service provider. To meet the growing network demand, we have added a lot of network equipment. However, during the deployment, we are troubled by the limited space and complicated wiring. We need to ensure that we can simplify our wiring structure and connect all the equipment while providing IT services to customers.


  1. The space in the data center is limited and no major changes can be made.

  2. The wiring structure needs to be simplified to ensure there are no safety risks.

  3. The process cannot be shut down, otherwise it will lead to business suspension and cause losses.


• Since the data center has limited space and cannot make large-scale changes, we chose DAC to connect the devices. Compared with the combination of module + optical fiber, DAC has lower cost and operation and maintenance costs.

• An overly complex wiring structure will lead to difficulties in management and maintenance. The cables can be sorted out by deploying DAC and cable management tools to quickly find the equipment with problems, facilitate maintenance, and reduce safety problems.

• Directly use DAC to connect devices without stopping for replacement. It is plug-and-play, which can ensure uninterrupted business and will not cause unnecessary losses.

What Do We Offer

Brand switch compatibility test: QSFPTEK provides a complete range of brand switches and can conduct compatibility testing on your equipment to ensure availability.

Bulk purchase discounts: Order in bulk to enjoy competitive pricing and improve your capital utilization.

Test report provided: QSFPTEK can provide you with product test reports for you to evaluate the product before purchasing.

Comprehensive quality certification: QSFPTEK's modules comply with industry standards such as CE, FCC, ROSH, ISO9001, REACH, UL, and TÜV.

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Customer Benefits

By deploying these 25G and 40G DACs and rack-mounted cable managers, all devices in the data center are successfully connected, and the wiring structure is simplified, making operation and maintenance easier. At the same time, the large-scale deployment of DACs reduces the overall power consumption and heat dissipation of the data center, which reduces the subsequent operating costs simultaneously.



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