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Wall Mount Enclosure, Holds up to 2 Fiber Adapter Panels, 48 Fibers (LC), Unloaded

Product No :100070
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Accessory Models
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1. 10.2"H x 13.0"W x 2.3"D.
2. Hold up to FHD FAPs (fiber adapter panels).
3. Housing up to 48 fibers (LC).
4. Lockable dual-door design for easy access and fiber protection.
5. Applicable for interconnect, cross-connect, splicing, and patching. 
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Wall Mount Fiber Enclosure (FWME2)


FWME2 wall mount fiber enclosure is designed to provide an efficient and cost-effective cable deploying way to interconnect, cross-connect, and splice fiber cables in wall-mountable application scenarios. It has a variety of pre-terminated and field-installable capabilities by working with FHD fiber adapter panels (FAPs). It can hold up to 2 FHD panels, housing up to 48 fibers (LC).


The enclosure is made of thickened steel material. It features two lockable doors for easy visibility during installation and testing and also helps for fiber protection.


Product Type

Wall Mount Enclosure

Fiber Count

Up to 48 Fibers (LC)

Mount Type

Wall Mount




Steel, Powder-coated Black


10.2"H x 13.0"W x 2.3"D

(259.6 x 330.6 x 59.1mm)


Accepts FHD Adapter Panels



Quality Certifications


  • 1. Interconnect and Cross-connect Capabilities
    Ideal for field splicing and connectorization.
  • 2. Work with FHD FAPs
    Mounts up to 2 FHD fiber adapter panels for easy pre-termination and field installation.
  • 3. High Density
    Holds up to 48 fibers (LC).
  • 4. Lockable Dual-Door Design
    Provides fiber protection and easy visibility during installation and testing.


Wall mount fiber enclosure used with cable managers

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Wall Mount Enclosure, Holds up to 2 Fiber Adapter Panels, 48 Fibers (LC), Unloaded

Accessory Series FHD Series

Accessory Models Wall Mount Enclosure