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Generic Compatible 100G DWDM Tunable CFP DCO 2500km DOM Duplex LC SMF Coherent Transceiver Module

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1. The Inphi Chip integrated into the device has a maximum power consumption of 24W.
2. Tested in specific switches to ensure superior performance, quality, and reliability.
3. Features various electrical interfaces, including OTL4.4, OTLC1.4, CAU-I4, OTLC2.8.
4. Designed in a hot-pluggable CFP form factor.
5. High-speed electrical components comply with IEEE 802.3ba standards.
6. Fully compliant with CFP MSA standards.
7. The device's digital optical monitoring feature allows for effective diagnostic capabilities.
8. Compliant with Class 1 Laser Safety regulations	
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Generic Compatible 100G DWDM Coherent CFP-DCO Transceiver (2500km, LC Connector)


The CFP coherent transceivers are capable of supporting a full C-Band 50GHz ITU-T Grid DWDM tuning and can provide 100GBase-DCO throughput over single-mode fiber (SMF) up to 2500km using an LC connector. Additionally, these transceivers offer support for digital optical monitoring (DOM) which allows access to real-time operating parameters.


These transceivers have been specifically designed for use in line-side trunk DWDM data center interconnect (DCI) as well as OTU4/OTUCn metro optical transport networks.


Part Number DWDM-CFP-100G-2500KM Vendor Name QSFPTEK
Form Factor CFP Max Data Rate 100Gbps
Grid Spacing 50GHz Frequency Range 191.3 to 196.05THz
Optical channels 80/96 Tunable Wavelength 50GHZ(1567.13~1529.16)
Transmission Protocols 100G/OTU4 Max Cable Distance 2500KM
Connector Duplex LC Media SMF
Tx output power -6.5~-0.5dBm Input Power Range -18~0dBm
Line Modulation DP-QPSK Power Consumption ≤24W
Host FEC Supported Commercial Temperature Range 0 to 70°C (32 to 158°F)
Protocols CFP MSA, IEEE 802.3bm, OIF CEI-28G VSR, OIF CEI-56G VSR PAM-4 Warranty 3 Years
Quality Certifications


  • 1. Advanced Technology
    Features DP-QPSK modulation technology and built-in inphi chip
  • 2. Best Price and High Quality
    Based on self-producing capacity and rigorous testing, QSFPTEK can provide cost-effective products with high reliability and performance at a trade price.
  • 3. Protocols
    Compliant with IEEE 802.3 standards and CFP MSA standards.
  • 4. Quality Certifications
    Backed by CE, FCC, ROSH, ISO9001.


Used on system integrators host board to support transmission over DWDM links in Long haul networks

Product details

Built-in High-Speed DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Chip to Extend Reach


Coherent CFPs have integrated the DSP in the block, which means it has electronic dispersion compensation built-in, eliminating the need for separate DCMs (dispersion compensation modules) and significantly increasing the reach between amplification sites.


Deliver Terabits of Information Across a Single Fiber Pair at a Lower Cost


100G Multi-Channel DWDM Networking for up to 2.4 Tbps capacity.



Support Used on 100G CFP Transponders


The 100G CFP DCO can be plugged into the 100G CFP Transponder to convert the 100G QSFP28 optical signal into 100G CFP2 coherent DWDM optical signal.


Questions & Answers

  • What's the difference between CFP2 and QSFP28?
    CFP2 and QSFP28 are optical modules used for high-speed data transmission. CFP2 is larger than QSFP28 and supports higher speeds, typically used for long-distance transmission, but has a higher cost. QSFP28 is usually used for short-distance transmission and connecting switches to servers.
  • What's the key feature of 100G-DCO CFP?
    It can take reach beyond 2500 km for 100G over SMF without inline chromatic dispersion compensation
  • How can I ensure compatibility between a 100G CFP-DCO coherent DWDM transceiver module and other network components?
    You should check the specifications and requirements of each component, such as the fiber optic cable, the network switch or router, and the DWDM system.
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    Transceivers typeDWDM-CFP2-200G-2000KM




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Generic Compatible 100G DWDM Tunable CFP DCO 2500km DOM Duplex LC SMF Coherent Transceiver Module

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Transceivers type DWDM-CFP-100G-2500KM