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1ft (0.3m) Cat5e Network Ethernet Patch Cable Snagless Unshielded (UTP), PVC, Blue

Product No :100633
US$ 1.50  US$ 3.00
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1. Support PoE/PoE+/PoE++ (IEEE 802.3af/at/bt) and Reach Speeds up to 250MHz with 1G Capabilities
2. Surpasses ANSI/TIA-568-D.2 Category 5 and ISO 11801 Class E Standards for High-quality Performance
3. Tested for Performance Using Fluke and Wired T568B Methods
4. Strain Relief and a Flexible Boot for Easy Moves, Additions, and Changes
5. Made with Stranded Cable and RJ45 Modular Plugs That Have 50μ'' Gold-plated Contacts
6. Application for Voice/Video/VoIP Systems in Local Area Network
7. Compatible with Current and Future Category 5e/5 Applications
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Cat5e Ethernet Network Patch Cable Snagless Unshielded (UTP), 24AWG, 1000MBase-T


The Cat5e UTP patch cable is equipped with 24AWG stranded copper cable twisted in an unshielded pair, with a high-performance modular plug at both ends. Its snagless design safeguards the RJ45 connectors' locking clips from any harm or breakage during installation. This cable surpasses the Cat5e Ethernet network cable standard, providing a cost-effective solution for indoor Gigabit Ethernet data center applications, and supports up to 1000Mbps and 250MHz within 100 meters of cable.


Cable Type

Cat5e Snagless

Shielding Type


Cable Outer Jacket



1ft (0.3m) (Including Plugs)

Data Rate


Maximum (Tested) Frequency


Conductor Type

Stranded Pure Bare Copper


RJ45 (Male)

Gauge (AWG)

24 (7/0.20mm)

Cable Outer Diameter 

5.5mm ± 0.4mm

PoE Compatibility


Wire Scheme

T568B, Straight

Operating Temperature

-20 to +75°C

Installation Temperature

-10 to +50°C

Quality Testing Program
Quality Certifications

Product details

High-Bandwidth Transmission


Supports a maximum bandwidth of 250MHz at 1Gbps, making it ideal for Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet.


transceiver compatibility tests



Multiple Shielded Ethernet Cabling


The cable is easy to plug, and well-protected with an RJ45 modular plug and PVC jacket, which greatly improves the service life of the cable, making it highly compatible with routers, switch boxes, network printers, and other devices.



Ethernet Network Patch Cable for Data Center Application


The durable cable provides stable transmission and slim space-saving features, enabling perfect performance in small enterprises and data centers.



Professional Fluke Testing Procedures


Each network cable must be strictly tested by Fluke and Wired T568B to ensure superior performance.



Questions & Answers

  • Can I request a customized length for the network Ethernet patch cable?
    Sorry, we don't support customized lengths yet, may be possible in the future. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Is the Cat5e patch cable compliant with the POE standard?
    Certainly, the Cat5e is compliant with PoE/PoE+/PoE++ standard for power supply.
  • Hi, Can I use this Cat5e in temperatures up to 50 degrees?
    I think yes, the operating temperature of this network cable ranges from -20 to +75°C.
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  • Charles United States of America

    These cables combine lightweight design with exceptional durability, making them ideal for seamless connections. I can effortlessly rearrange my router and modem without any hassle. The cables are delightfully thin yet robust, with connector heads that securely clip into place and resist detaching. Their tangle-free nature adds to the convenience. Not to mention, the vibrant color options add a touch of aesthetics. It's astonishing to reflect on the days of investing in bulky Cat5e cables – what a transformation!

    Length1ft (0.3m)

    ModelsCat5e Blue

    Verified Purchase



  • John United States of America

    Impressed by the seamless installation of these cables just a few days ago, I couldn't help but notice their impeccable construction and flawless functionality. They work without any glitches, prompting me to consider purchasing them again in the future. I highly recommend these cables to anyone in need of reliable and well-crafted networking solutions.

    Length1ft (0.3m)

    ModelsCat5e Blue

    Verified Purchase



  • Vernon United States of America

    This cost-effective Cat5e cable supports transmission rates up to 1G for home networking. With stable and lag-free data transmission, my family will never suffer from network lag again. This is great.

    Length1ft (0.3m)

    ModelsCat5e Blue

    Verified Purchase



  • Theodor P United States of America

    This Cat5e cable is ideal for basic home networks—affordable yet decent quality. Setup is a breeze, plugs fit snugly, and it runs smoothly within short distances (haven't tested long ones yet). Overall, it's a budget-friendly choice!

    Length1ft (0.3m)

    ModelsCat5e Blue

    Verified Purchase



  • Rosemary Tennyson United States of America

    My first experience with QSFPTEK was marked by my first purchase. I engaged in a pleasant negotiation with Talia, who displayed a friendly demeanor throughout. Currently, I am employing a cat5e cable to establish a connection between my TV, IP Camera, and router. This connection has proven to be robust, delivering uninterrupted performance without any issues.

    Length1ft (0.3m)

    ModelsCat5e Blue

    Verified Purchase



  • Rodney United States of America

    Recently bought Cat5e cable, pleased with its performance. Fast logistics, exceeded expectations. Reasonably priced, great value for money. Customer service is professional and friendly, promptly answered my questions. Excellent experience, easy installation, improved internet speed and stability. Importantly, allow me enjoy games, HD videos, and remote work efficiently.Highly recommended for reliability and performance!

    Length1ft (0.3m)

    ModelsCat5e Blue

    Verified Purchase




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1ft (0.3m) Cat5e Network Ethernet Patch Cable Snagless Unshielded (UTP), PVC, Blue

Models Cat5e Blue

Length 1ft (0.3m)

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This product works well with my switch, and I plan to buy some DWDM transceivers from QT. Excellent value fo ct works well with my switch, and I plan to buy some DWDM transceivers from QT. Excellent valur money!

Verified Purchase



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1ft (0.3m) Cat5e Network Ethernet Patch Cable Snagless Unshielded (UTP), PVC, Blue
US$ 1.50
Cat5e Blue
1ft (0.3m)
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1ft (0.3m) Cat5e Network Ethernet Patch Cable Snagless Unshielded (UTP), PVC, Blue ;jsessionid=E453FF585BE3BB6D573AEC0DCA67227B

Models Cat5e Blue ;jsessionid=E453FF585BE3BB6D573AEC0DCA67227B

Length 1ft (0.3m) ;jsessionid=E453FF585BE3BB6D573AEC0DCA67227B

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