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400G/100G Optics Power Caltech's Success at Supercomputing 2023 Show

Author Aiyden

Date 06/06/2024

Discover how QSFPTEK's high-quality optical transceivers, fiber optic cables, and DAC cables enabled Caltech’s successful demonstrations at Supercomputing 2022 and 2023. Learn about the seamless integration, competitive pricing, and comprehensive support that led to ongoing project success.


Customer Name: Caltech (California Institute of Technology)

Industry: Private Research University

Country: the United States

Company Size: 2000+

Customer Voice: We are a private research university in Califonia instructing pure and applied sciences. We will be exhibiting at the Supercomputing 2022 and 2023 Show, and there will be a series of demonstrations. Therefore, we will build the Caltech rack for the exhibition, which requires high-speed optics for testing, and we need to ensure that the demonstration will go smoothly.



The client applied to try out samples at the Supercomputing 2022 Show for testing demonstrations and then decided whether to place a bulk order for a later project. Price is another consideration. The client spoke highly of 100G optical transceivers and wished for a similar price of 400G optics. The demonstration rack also required other sets of products, such as fiber optic cables and high-speed direct-attach cables. The staff of Caltech would like to shop for a complete product portfolio from the same vendors.



• To address the client's dilemma of trying a sample first and purchasing later, the QSFPTEK sales team loaned Caltech a few pieces of optics for testing demonstrations at SC23. The customer responded well after successfully testing and using the 100G SR4 and LR4 QSFP28 optics at SC23 and finally made a purchase.

• The sale price of QSFPTEK transceivers is competitive, accounting for self-manufacturing and self-sale operation models. Further, clients also get discounts for batch orders. 

• The customer wanted a one-stop-shop solution for purchase, and the QSFPTEK product supply line is abundant enough to make it. The complete setup includes 100G transceivers, duplex LC OS2 fiber patch cords, 400G QSFP-DD and OSFP optics, and 400G QSFP-DD breakout DAC cables.


"We had great results in many demos at SC22. We still have to test various transceivers, and yours at 100G works very well." 

"QSFPTEK has been very responsive. We can also ask for a discount"

— Client of Caltech responded after testing


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What QSFPTEK Offers

• Host Device Compatibility Testing: QSFPTEK Transceiver Testing Program owns 100+ brand testbed switches, which are specially used for thorough compatibility testing of transceivers to ensure seamless optics-to-device interoperation.

• Comprehensive Performance Testing: The QSFPTEK Transceiver Testing Program owns 50+ professional Keysight/Anritsu/VIAVI professional test devices. Each module is rigorously tested under Eye Pattern Tests, BER Tests, Wavelength Tests, Traffic Tests, etc.

• Sample Test Orders: Clients can request to evaluate compatibility and performance before committing to bulk purchases.

• Free Technical Support: QSFPTEK provides expert technical support to address queries or concerns, ensuring a smooth implementation process.

• Bulk Order Discounts: Clients benefit from competitive pricing and discounts for bulk orders, optimizing cost-effectiveness.

•Certified Quality: QSFPTEK modules comply with industry standards, including CE, FCC, ROSH, ISO9001, REACH, UL, TÜV, etc. We also provide test reports, guaranteeing reliability and performance.


Customer Benefits

Caltech benefitted significantly from its partnership with QSFPTEK. The high-quality, reliable 100G and 400G optics enabled successful demonstrations at the SC22 and SC23, impressing stakeholders and facilitating further research and development. The competitive pricing and bulk order discounts provided substantial cost savings. The comprehensive testing and technical support ensured seamless integration and optimal performance of the products. In contrast, the wide range of compatible and certified products met all their needs in a one-stop solution. This partnership supported Caltech's immediate demonstration needs and laid a strong foundation for future projects and collaborations.



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