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4x 10G 140KM Long-haul Transmission with 1510nm OSC Remote Managed Solution



In this case, QSFPTEK engineers designed a customized solution between the two universities to meet the customer's specific needs for 140km long-distance transmission, and access to remote management.


Industry: Education

Country: Austria

We needed to build a 10G network link between two universities in Austria, and the distance between the two universities reaches 140km, and this link needed to access 1510nm OSC remote management and also needed to meet subsequent capacity expansion. Due to the extra long distance, we will add some custom amplifiers to this solution.




How to ensure signal quality over long distances while leaving enough system margin for subsequent expansion?



The maximum transmission distance of the 10G DWDM module is only 100km. In order to solve this dilemma, the QSFPTEK technical support team designed a customized amplifier in the link to meet the distance requirement of 140km.



● First, In order to meet the customer's requirement of 1510nm OSC remote management, we customized OBA and OLA amplifiers with wave up, wave down, and skip pass functions of the 1510nm optical signal.


●  The addition of Raman amplifiers enables the system to obtain better OSNR and optical power and also ensures the subsequent expansion capacity, which can be expanded to 40CH*10G at maximum. Enables customers to meet the needs of future upgrades for next-generation networks.


● On the service side, use a 10CH 10G Transponder to convert the 5-way client-side service signal into the DWDM signal, not needing to add additional fiber.


● In terms of dispersion compensation, a 40km+80km passive dispersion compensation fiber Based module is used, the passive components are used to reduce the power consumption and subsequent usage costs of the system.


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Customer Benefits


This link uses 10G DWDM technology, QT860 series products, to achieve 140km ultra-long distance transmission with minimal fiber resources. For the customer's customized requirements of 1510nm OSC remote management, OBA, and OLA amplifiers are used to access the 1510nm signal in the link. Raman amplifiers are used to increase the OSNR and optical power of the link to ensure the subsequent maximum expansion to 40CH*10G.


In this solution, the QSFPTEK technical support team helped to establish a 140km long-distance transmission between two universities while meeting the customer's specific requirements, ensuring the link signal quality and reserving for subsequent network expansion.


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