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Shopping Mall Network PoE Solution

Author Aiyden

Date 03/29/2023

The PoE switch solution provided the shopping mall with a reliable and efficient network infrastructure that met its needs for security and convenience.



The challenges we faced included the need for a reliable and secure network that could support the video surveillance system and provide stable wireless access throughout the mall. We needed a solution that could handle multiple IP cameras and APs to provide the customer with remote access to monitor the premises from anywhere at any time. Additionally, we required a stable and high-quality connection for VoIP phones and wired devices.



QSFPTEK switching networking team implemented a solution that utilized the QSFPTEK S7300-24X2C as the aggregation/core switch and the S5300-8P2S, S5300-24P4X, and S5310-48P4X PoE switches as the access switches. The following is a simplified networking topology.



This solution provided the shopping center the ability to connect multiple end devices, including IP cameras, VoIP phones, APs, and wired end devices such as PCs and printers. 


The PoE switches were able to provide both power and data to these devices, simplifying the cabling infrastructure and reducing the need for additional power sources.


The S7300-24X2C 24 port 10G switch meets the demand for high-performance as the campus distribution layer switch. It delivers 800 Gbps switch capacity and 600 Mpps forwarding rate. The 24x 10G SFP+ ports provide abundant connections for 1G/10G links from the access layers and the 2x 100G QSFP28 ports can uplink to core layer switches. The 2x 100G QSFP28 uplink ports can be split into 4x 10G or 4x 25G ports, providing breakout solutions. Moreover, S7300-24X2C supports 8 pcs to be stacked as a single virtual device, simplifying management, doubling port density and boosting network capacity.


The S5300-8P2S is a fanless PoE switch, which generates no noise in working status. Even placed in the shopping center office as a desktop switch, it will not disturb the staff. The S5300-24P4X and S5310-48P6X are stackable switches, which can respectively support up to 2 and 8 same models to be connected as a switch stack. 


The whole system has taken power over Ethernet, noise, capacity, reliability and scalability into consideration, building a robust PoE solution for shopping center wired and wireless network access.


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8x 10/100/1000BASE-T RJ45 PoE@130W, 2x 1G SFP

24x 10/100/1000BASE-T RJ45 PoE@370W, 4x 10G SFP+

48x 10/100/1000BASE-T RJ45 PoE@370W, 6x 10G SFP+

24x 10G SFP+, 2x 100G QSFP28


Customer Benefits

The implementation of the PoE switch solution provided the shopping center with numerous benefits, including improved security and convenience for our customers and employees. The stable and reliable network infrastructure allowed the network manager to monitor the premises remotely, providing peace of mind knowing that the customers and employees were safe. The wireless APs also improved convenience, allowing customers and employees to easily connect to the network and access the internet from anywhere in the mall. The simplified cabling infrastructure reduced overall costs and provided us with a scalable solution that could easily be expanded in the future.


In conclusion, the implementation of the PoE switch solution provided the shopping center with a reliable and efficient network infrastructure that met our needs for security and convenience. They were able to connect multiple devices and simplify cabling infrastructure, providing a scalable solution that could be easily expanded in the future. The client was extremely satisfied with the results and would highly recommend the QSFPTEK PoE switches to any other businesses in need of a similar solution.




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