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12m (39ft) MTP Female to 4 LC UPC Duplex 8 Fibers Type B Plenum (LSZH) OM4 50/125 Multimode Elite Breakout Cable

Product No :100839
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1. LSZH Jacket
2. Flexible 10mm Min. Bend Radius
3. Optimized for 40G/100G/200G/400G Transmission
4. MTP Connector with 12 Fibers
5. Compliant with ROSH 2.0 and MCD
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12m (39ft) MTP Female to 4 LC UPC Duplex 8 Fibers Type B Plenum (LSZH) OM4 50/125 Multimode Elite Breakout Cable


The MTP breakout cable provides a worry-free and cost-effective solution for high-density cabling to convert an MTP connector to an LC duplex connector. This MTP female to 4 LC UPC Duplex OM4 multimode breakout cable is specially optimized for 40G QSFP+ SR4 to 10G SFP+ SR, 100G QSFP SR4 to 25G SFP28 SR optics direct connection, data centers, and telecommunications systems applications. 


Connector A:

MTP Female

Connector B:

LC UPC Duplex

Fiber Count:

8 Fibers

Fiber Type:

OM4 50/125μm

Polish Type:






Cable Material:


MTP Connector Insert Loss:


Return Loss:


Trunk Diameter:


Fan-Out Diameter:


Min. Bend Radius (Fiber Cable) Dynamic:


Min. Bend Radius (Fiber Cable) Static:


Operating Temperature:


Storage Temperature:


Quality Testing Program
Quality Certifications


  • 10mm Min. Bend Radius
    Allow tighter cable bends for slack storage and routing.
  • 0.35dB Max. IL
    Always provide stable signal and realize flexible system design.
  • LSZH Jacket
    Low smoke, low toxicity, low corrosion, and high flame retardant.

Product details

Excellent Transmission Stability Ensured by Superior Craftsmanship


With meticulous attention to detail and high-quality construction, these cables ensure reliable and uninterrupted data transmission.


MTP Breakout OM4



High-Performance Fiber with Superior Durability


This fiber offers exceptional performance and is ideal for high-density cabling due to its excellent bending and compression resistance.




Reliable Transmission Quality with Carrier-Grade Cables


Achieve dependable transmission quality with carrier-grade cables that excel at minimizing light loss and meeting diverse cabling needs, ensuring an enhanced transmission experience.


MTP Breakout OM4 Transmission


Optimizing Network Upgrade Solutions for Superior Efficiency 


Simply the network configuration enables migration from 10G to 40G effortlessly, ensuring low insertion loss and perfect performance.


Maintain Performance by Cleaning Fiber


Ensure high reliability and performance connections by maintaining clean fiber end-faces.

Fiber Clean


Questions & Answers

  • Does the fiber optic cable need to clean the end face?
    The fiber optic cable needs to clean the end face, similar to the module, if the dust on the end face is not cleaned in time, it will affect the signal transmission and equipment performance.
  • What's the different between LSZH and PVC?
    LSZH cables generate less smoke and toxic gases during combustion, while PVC cables release toxic smoke and acidic gases when burned.
  • Is it possible to connect the MTP-4xLC OM4 to one 40GBASE-SR4 module and four 10GBASE-SR modules?
    Yes, such a connection is successful.
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  • Albert United States of America

    These cables are exceptionally well built and perform exactly as expected. I purchased a variety of lengths to test them out at my workplace, and I must say, they have exceeded my expectations. I'm thoroughly impressed with their performance.