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0U and 1U Cable Management for Data Center Rack Cabling

Author Aiyden

Date 05/13/2022

QSFPTEK launched a series of 0U and 1U cable management organizers for structured cabling solutions in a highly organized rack space. It is a cost-efficient way to save data center space in high-density applications.

Why is Cable Management Important?

In the server room or data centers, IT equipment - storage, servers, switches, routers, power distribution units, and so on all rely on racks and cabinets to install, support, and manage connectivity. Today's high-speed and multi-service applications drive the trends of diversification and growth of IT components to be converged in the same compact rack space. Accordingly, the number and range of cable wires attached are increasing, such as fiber patch cables, Ethernet patch cables, and power cords.


Imagine the scenario - different wires are scattering from the rack and tangling together. It will be troublesome if later re-cabling is required. Wires hanging down may cause crosstalk, wear, and airflow issues. Moreover, inefficient use of space takes up unnecessary rack space.


Cable management is to address cable routing demands meanwhile maintain neat and organized rack cabinets. The benefits are:


• Route large-capacity cable bundles in a compact rack with a neat, organized, and professional look

• Protect cables from wear and provide a better cooling environment

• Easily and quickly identify in and out cables and flexibly adjust, add or remove wires

• Improve rack space utilization and the efficiency and resiliency of the whole system.


What is 1U Cable Management vs 0U Cable Management?

"U” or "RU” stands for "rack unit". It is a measurement unit to define the rack height. 1U equals 1.75 inches (44.45mm) in height. The cable management organizer 0U, 1U, and 2U, 5U describes the number of vertical rack space units it should take up when installed in.


1U cable management is installed exactly below the data equipment such as switches, routers, or servers. Hence it occupies a separate 1U (1.75 inches) space vertically.


The 0U cable management frame is installed directly in front of the device, sharing the same width and hights space of equipment.  So does not take up additional vertical space. 


Compared to a 1U cable manager, zero U cable management organize patch cables on a parallel surface with the equipment width, saving a 1U space for locating one more standard 1U active device to the rack. Therefore, zero u cable manager is a more cost-effective cable management solution to maximize rack space efficiency.


0U and 1U Cable Management Types

Based on rack mount orientations, there are horizontal cable management and vertical cable management. Both are measured by rack unit, however, for a small number of rack spaces - 0U and 1U cable management, we often talk about horizontal cable management. 


Rackmount 1U horizontal cable management products include 1U horizontal cable manager organizers, 1U patch panels fiber or copper, fiber modular enclosures, etc. 1U vertical cable manager in a big D-ring style is typical. 


0U horizontal cable management for rack and cabinet covers 0U horizontal cable manager and 0U horizontal cable lacer bar L-shape.


QSFPTEK 0U and 1U Horizontal Cable Management Products


QSFPTEK releases several most popular cable management products with 1U and 0U options to meet customers' cable management requirements. .

Horizontal Cable Manager for Integral Fiber, Copper, or Coax Cabling


A horizontal cable manager is for simple, secure and flexible routing of a large number of patch cables in a compact 19'' width space. It makes an organized and neat rack space.


1U horizontal cable managers with the styles of D-rings or finger ducts are hot in the market. Another 1U cable management brush strips to offer better airflow and resist dust. 0U horizontal cable organizers are available for 0U horizontal cable manager and L-shape 0U horizontal cable lacer bar, the former is popular.


1U Horizontal Cable Managers with D-Rings



QSFPTEK #100066 D-ring cable manager is specially equipped with 5 fixed round D-rings. The rounded edge design protects the cable jacket from wear and excessive bending. 5 D-rings ensure managing large-capacity wires for high-density cabling projects. It enables organizations of all patch cables such as fiber optic cables, Ethernet copper cables, and coaxes cables. The 1RU cable manager commits to EIA standard and can be mounted to any standard 19'' rack in the cabinet.


1U Horizontal Cable Managers with Finger Ducts


The #100068 1U finger duct cable manager has 12 finger ducts both on the front and rear, which means the cable organizer can route in and out cables from both the front and back rear. This feature ensures optimal controls over the bend radius to protect the cable from wear. 


Another feature is equipped with a detachable dual-hanged cover, providing flexibility to adjust the patched cable and better support the cable bundles.



0U Horizontal Cable Managers with D-Rings


Compared with product #100066, the #100067 0U horizontal cable manager has the following distinction: 

1. Sharing the same vertical space with installed equipment, saving one more room for accommodating another device.


2. D-rings are detachable and support 360° rotation, better for integrating cable management fiber, copper and etc into one.

Cat6 Patch Panel for Ethernet Copper Cabling


The Ethernet network patch panel terminates copper patch cables in a stript, organizing incoming and outgoing RJ45 cables.

QSFPTEK #100069 Cat6 patch panel with 24 ports in a compact 1U bracket caters to high-density copper cabling in data center applications. The patch panel meets TIA/EIA 568-B/EC11801 standard, patching up to 24 Cat5e or Cat6 patch cables. To help operators identify which cable comes from which devices, each the front and back port is marked with a number in line. Also, a blank label is left on each front port for custom annotation.


1U Modular Rack Mount Enclosure with FAPs for Fiber Cabling

The fiber adapter panel (FAP) or fiber optic patch panel is a bracket assembled with dozens of fiber optic adapter couplers. It allows quick and direct termination of fiber patch cables in a compact unit.


A modular rack-mount enclosure is for loading several FAPs in a 19'' width space, delivering ultra high-density fiber cabling solutions.


QSFPTEK provides fiber optic panels with a selection of FHD OS2 (#100064) and FHD OM4 (#100065) models. Both have 12 duplex ports, patching up to respectively 24 OS2 fibers or 24 OM4 fibers. The #100061 modular panel by QSFPTEK can hold up to 4 FAPs for loading a maximum of 96 fibers in a horizontal 19'' rack space.


QSFPTEK Cable Management Price List

Product Category Product Page Price
1U D-Ring Horizontal Cable Manager https://www.qsfptek.com/product/100066.html US$ 6
1U Finger Duct Horizontal Cable Manager https://www.qsfptek.com/product/100068.html US$ 6
0U D-Ring Horizontal Cable Manager https://www.qsfptek.com/product/100067.html US$ 14
1U Cat6 Patch Panel 24 Port https://www.qsfptek.com/product/100069.html US$ 27
1U Modular Rack Mount Enclosure for 4 FAP / 96 Fibers https://www.qsfptek.com/product/100061.html US$ 23
OS2 Fiber Adapter Panel 24 Fibers https://www.qsfptek.com/product/100064.html US$ 12
OM4 Fiber Adapter Panel 24 Fibers https://www.qsfptek.com/product/100065.html US$ 12
Wall Mount Enclosure for 2 FAP / 48 Fibers https://www.qsfptek.com/product/100070.html US$ 69



Cable management is not only a matter of aesthetics to make an organized and neat rack but also makes difference in boosting the whole system's reliability, efficiency, flexibility, and scalability. Deploying the cable management solution for structured cabling in highly converged data centers ensures better white and gray space utilization.


Besides using the horizontal cable management rack, vertical cable management is also necessary. Vertical cable managers offer vertical support for cable bundles running from equipment such as switches to horizontal patch panels. Some other cable management tips are to use small cable management accessories such as:

• Zip ties to fix cable bundles

• Cable labels to mark and identify cable wires

QSFPTEK provides structured cabling and cable management products and solutions. Visit the QSFPTEK Youtube channel to learn how our operator maintains a neat rack space with the 0U and 1U cable management organizers. If you have any questions, please email via sales@qsfptek.com or direct talk to an expert from the LiveChat.





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