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Generic C37 C38 Compatible 100G DWDM QSFP28 PAM4 80km DOM CS SMF Transceiver Module

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1. PAM4 technology(Color A)
2. EML+APD; Low Power Consumption ≤6W
3. Applied in metro-access Network, Campus network, Data Center.
4. 4.0Tbps over a single fiber
5. PAM4 modulation format on 100G ITU
DWDM wavelength grid compatible 
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Generic C37 C38 QSFP28-100G-PAM4 100G DWDM QSFP28 Optical Transceiver Module (SMF, 80km, CS, DDM)


The QSFP28 100G PAM4 Optical Transceiver module supports up to 40ch 100G links up to 80km(with EDFA/TDCM) over single-mode fiber (SMF) via a CS duplex connector. PAM4 modulation technology allows for DWDM connectivity in a QSFP28 form factor on the 100G ITU DWDM wavelength grid, and the TDCM and EDFA are required for long-haul transmission. This transceiver is compliant with QSFP28 MSA, IEEE 802.3bm, SFF-8636 standards. The built-in digital diagnostics monitoring (DDM) allows access to real-time operating parameters. Featuring low power consumption, high density, and low power characteristics, this transceiver is ideal for DCI with an 80km distance, 100G Metropolitan over DWDM, Campus network, etc.

Part Number:


Vendor Name:


Form Factor:


Data Rate:

103.125Gbps (4x 25.78Gbps)




80km(With EDFA and TDCM)


Duplex CS

Cable Type:




Receiver Type:


TX Power:


Receiver Sensitivity:


Power Consumption:


Modulation Format:




Bit Error Ratio (BER):


Protocols: I

QSFP28 MSA Compliant


3 Years

Quality Certifications


  • 1. High Reliablility and Best Price
    Proudly self-producing and rigorous testing, QSFPTEK is dedicated to delivering cost-effective products with high reliability and performance at trade price.
  • 2. Cost-effective solution for 100G Ethernet
    Ideal for 100G connections in 80km distance. Suitable in 100G DCI, metropolitan network, etc.
  • 3. Ultra Low latency and low power comsuption.
  • 4. Quality Certifications
    Backed by CE, FCC, ROSH, ISO9001.


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Questions & Answers

  • Do I need some Dispersion Compensation or Amplifier to achieve an 80km transmission distance?
    Yes. If you want to achieve an 80km transmission distance on 100G QSFP28 DWDM modules, you need to use EDFA and DCM to compensate for the fiber link loss and fiber dispersion.
  • Are guard channels required on a MUX for systems that are mixed with 10Gbps links?
    We need to note that using QSFP28-100G-PAM4 100G DWDM on MUX can mix transmission with 10G rate service, we don't need to make channel isolation. QSFPTEK 100G DWDM PAM4 module has high requirements in the use of link and program design. It needs more solution details from you. 1. Whether the scheme topology is point-to-point? 2. What type of cable you are using now, G.652D or G.655? The link is single fiber or duplex fiber? 3. What about the link transmission distance and the actual loss in the 1550 band respectively? 4. How many 10G/100G services need to be transmitted at present, and if you want the subsequent expansion of transmission capacity?

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Generic C37 C38 Compatible 100G DWDM QSFP28 PAM4 80km DOM CS SMF Transceiver Module

Compatible Generic

Transceivers type C37 C38