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7m (23ft) MTP-12 (Female) to MTP-12 (Female) OM4 Elite Trunk Cable, 12 Fibers, Type B, Plenum (LSZH)

Product No :99511
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1. Flexible 7.5mm Min. Bend Radius
2. Optimized for 40G/100G/200G/400G Transmission
3. MTP Connector with 12 Fibers
4. Compliant with ROSH 2.0 and MCD
5. LSZH jacket
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MTP-12 (Female) to MTP-12 (Female) OM4 Trunk Cable

The MTP trunk cable provides a worry-free and cost-effective solution for high-density cabling for its connector delivering up to 6 times the density of standard duplex fiber optic cable connector. This MTP female to MTP female OM4 multimode trunk cable is specially optimized for 40G QSFP+ SR4, 100G QSFP28 SR4 optics direct connection, data centers and telecommunications systems applications. 



Connector A:

MTP Female

Connector B:

MTP Female

Fiber Count:

12 Fibers

Fiber Type:

OM4 MMF 50/125μm

Polish Type:






Cable Material:


Insert Loss:


Return Loss:


Approximate Diameter:




Min. Bend Radius 

(Fiber Cable) Dynamic: 


Min. Bend Radius (Fiber Cable) Static:


Operating Temperature:


Storage Temperature:



Quality Testing Program
Quality Certifications


  • 0.25dB Max. IL
    Designed for low insertion loss links, flexible and robust.
  • 10mm Min. Bend Radius
    Allows the cable to be bent at a larger angle, reducing bending losses and facilitating wiring and storage.
  • 6kg Tensile Strength
    Extremely tensile resistant to prevent cable breakage and extend service life
  • LSZH Jacket
    Low smoke, low toxicity, low corrosion, and high flame retardant.

Product details

Excellent Transmission Stability Ensured by Superior Craftsmanship


With meticulous attention to detail and high-quality construction, these cables ensure reliable and uninterrupted data transmission.

MTP Connector


High-Performance Fiber with Superior Durability


This fiber offers exceptional performance and is the ideal choice for high-density cabling due to its excellent bending and compression resistance.

High-Performance Fiber with Superior Durability


Flexible High-Density Cabling Solutions


Excellent bend radius minimizes space wastage, optimizes cable management, improves deployment speed, simplifies cable management, and reduces installation costs.

High-Density Cabling Solutions


Spine-Leaf Architecture for Scalable Networks


Overcome network bottlenecks, minimize latency, and enhance bandwidth and scalability with the Spine-Leaf architecture, enabling larger network scales and facilitating future expansions.

Spine-Leaf Architecture for Scalable Networks


Maintain Performance by Cleaning Fiber


Ensure high reliability and performance connections by maintaining clean fiber end-faces.

MTP cables cleaner


Questions & Answers

  • Does the fiber optic cable have a rated voltage?
    The fiber optic cable is a passive component used for the transmission of optical signals, and therefore, it does not have a rated voltage.
  • What is the warranty for this MTP cable?
    It has 3 months warranty.
  • What is the maximum throughput of this cable?
    This MTP cable supports a maximum throughput of 400G.
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